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Marjorie McMillan is the owner and visionary behind the Windhover Veterinary Center. A 1974 graduate of The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. McMillan has worked tirelessly throughout her career to improve the life and health of companion animals. Dr. McMillan completed an Internship at Angell Memorial Medical Center and went on to fulfill requirements for a Residency Program in Radiology, studying at Angell, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, and the University of California at Davis.

A Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist, Dr. McMillan is a pioneer in the field of avian radiology, developing standards for the field and authoring texts that established radiology as a primary diagnostic tool in the practice of avian medicine. A leader and teacher, Dr. McMillan has inspired many vet student to study and practice avian medicine. Dr. McMillan opened the Windhover in 1992 to provide high-quality compassionate care to animal companions in a gentle, supportive environment. Specializing in birds, dogs and cats, her reputation for exemplary medical skill draws clients from all over New England to the Windhover.

Dr. McMillan also does OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) radiographs. These very technical radiographs will demonstrate if a dog has hip dysplasia and if so, how severe. Dr. McMillan does not use general anesthesia but rather chooses sedation along with a gentle approach and calming environment to obtain these radiographs.

Geriatric medicine has long been a passion of Dr. McMillan's and that passion led her to complete a certification program in veterinary physical therapy at the University of Tennessee. That training inspired Dr. McMillan to establish the Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England, a full scale rehabilitation facility in Walpole, MA. www.starcone.com to serve animals facing limitations from arthritis, animals recovering from surgery, stroke , and other illness that impede mobility.

Believing that each and every living being deserves to be treated with respect, Dr. McMillan provides care to the patients of the Windhover according to the philosophy that, "in the end, only kindness matters."


Joan Powers has been the Hospital Manager at the Windhover for the past 11 years. Coming from Family Practice management, Joan is always working toward greater efficiency and organization to the way we deliver services to our patients and clients. Her excellent skills at working with clients enable her to tackle the inevitable but difficult job of conflict resolution in a fair and balanced way. Joan earned a Bachelor´s degree from Lesley University in Business Management where, among other things, she learned the importance of meeting clients´ needs with regular contact and follow up. Joan is always looking for ways to improve our work and is always interested in hearing what our clients think about our services. Joan´s non-human companion is Gina, a shepherd mix.


Marie DelZoppo came to work for the Windhover almost 20 years ago. The most frequent voice on the phone when you call for your appointments, Marie is the administrative glue that holds the Windhover together having mastered our schedules, files, accounts and now, our new, paperless recordkeeping system. She knows our clients, our patients and their needs and works steadily to meet them, even when it means asking the staff to stay a little longer or work through their breaks to make sure that each animal receives the care it needs. A self-described feline fanatic, Marie gives equal love and attention to each of the animals that come through our doors. When not at work, Marie enjoys gardening and swimming.


Colleen Roback is the newest addition to the Windhover Team. She is the voice you will hear when you call the office in the evening and on Saturdays. She comes to us with valuable experience from working at the Mansfield Animal Shelter and previously at another animal hospital. She states that her goals are to make sure every patient and client gets the best care available, and to provide each animal with love, care and affection. In her spare time Colleen continues to volunteer at the Mansfield Animal Shelter as well as the Massachusetts State Police K-9 and mounted units. She also enjoys playing softball and spending time with her family.


We are happy to announce the addition of Kendra Chavarria to our technical staff. Kendra has had a love for animals since she was very young. Initially, Kendra pursued a career in carpentry but has found working in Veterinary Medicine much more fulfilling and rewarding. Previously, Kendra spent 2 years living at a veterinary hospital to care for the hospitalized and boarding animals during off hours. During those hours she made sure to give them extra care and love. This helped to keep the animals comfortable during their time away from home. She has a special interest in exotics and rabbits not only because they are so interesting to her but also because they are so soft and innocent looking. Kendra is always looking for seminars and online courses to participate in so she can continue to learn new things pertaining to her job at Windhover. When she is not at work she likes to go snow-boarding, play soccer and go to the beach.


Tenara Kuznezov is very happy to be joining Windhover Veterinary Center. After spending many years in catering and event management, Tenara realized that she wanted to make a career change. Tenara is a recent graduate of Mount Ida College with a Bachelor's degree in veterinary technology, where she discovered a passion for pathology and clinical laboratory diagnostics. Although she is a fan of all species, big and small, Tenara has a soft spot for cats, as her own cat's illness helped her decide on a career in veterinary medicine. She believes in creating a stress-free and enjoyable visit for all patients and clients. When not at work, Tenara enjoys be spontaneous and having adventures with her husband and friends.

Associated Specialists

Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP
Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England
(508) 668-7946

Carol Hetherington, MAOM, LicAC, DiplOM
Blue Heron Acupuncture
Acupuncture, Reiki, Chinese Herbal Medicine
(401) 528-9980