You arrived at your forever home on May 23, 2009 and had to say goodbye on February 22, 2016. While your time with me was way too short, your presence in the house is still felt. There are many tears when thinking about you but they also bring many smiles in the joy and love you gave me. I miss you snuggling with me and being by my feet in the kitchen. I cannot imagine you living with anyone else but me and your final days were just as it should be....being with those who loved you most.

We miss you and love you....Robin, Rosalie, and Ken

A Dog´s Prayer

Dr. Millans Dog Dr. Millans Dog Xmas

My life was filled with walks and treats
My greatest joy was at your feet.

When the time comes that I must go
Hold me in your arms just so.

Hold me close to your loving heart
In quiet peace let me depart.

Let me gaze upon your tear stained face
One last breath, one final embrace.

With a final wag I bid good-bye
In your gentle arms I quietly died.

Bonded beyond this life by grace
Don’t forget my loving face.

M. McMillan

Stormin´ Norman McMillan
May 13, 1998 - November 16, 2014



My very special girl
You were always there to lift my spirits when I was down
To comfort me in bad times and revel with me in the good ones
You never asked for anything but gave so much
You touched so many lives just by being you
You struggled daily with a body that continually betrayed you
But you never complained, never felt sorry for yourself
You held your head up high and marched on
Strong, proud, wonderful baby girl
Though your body failed, your mind, your spirit, your will, remain eternally strong
I miss your greetings, how you would wait for me, talk to me, your beautiful sounds
It is so silent now
I miss everything about you and I want you to come home
Taken too soon
But only here on Earth is your work done
Now you are free from your constraints
You are walking strong, flying high, heart beating strong
You deserve that
You were such a gift and you'll always be with me
Lessons learned from you, ljke you, I take everywhere I go
You taught me so much, in such a short time
There's a hole in my heart that will never heal
Only when we meet again will the pain pass
Until then my Dudley, my baby girl, I love you and I will always miss you


Deva the beloved Newfie of Steve Pezzella, was a sweet, gentle dog. Steve provided care in conjunction with Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center so Deva could die peacefully at home. She was a force to be reckoned with in her youth. As she aged Steve took her for massage, and physical therapy and learned to do the treatments at home so he could keep her pain free. After many months of care she died in January at the age of 13 years and is deeply missed by the Pezzella family.

The quote below tells how the generosity of those who donate to Windhover's Pet Assistance Fund helped one family.

From Ginger's owner

ginger".....I also want to thank from the bottom of my heart those that gave to the Pet Assistance fund over the years. When I was drained of what I was able to give to support Kitty, Pet Assistance was able to give her a few more weeks of a chance to begin eating on her own and working towards health. She had been running to corners of the house to hide throughout her illness, and in that few weeks time Pet Assistance bought, we were able to integrate her back into our lives. She began sitting on our laps again, sitting in front of the window she always use to watch birds from, and spending time in the main part of the house. I appreciate those last few special memories and the comfort she was able to reach before the end more than I can say...."

Pet Assistance Fund in honor of Bones

A gracious donation was made to our Pet Assistance Fund in honor of Bones. We appreciate the generosity of the donor and the thoughtfulness that will allow other pets to receive veterinary care. Bones will be sadly missed but will live on forever in our hearts and memories.


Gabby had just jumped into the backseat, I got into the driver seat. I looked back at her and that was it. "Magnet and iron, the souls" is a line from a Joni Mitchell song, and that is how it felt. We were fused. Gabby was the most earnest being that I have ever known. She thrived on rules and routine. She hated to be teased, especially by other canines. And she was very, very smart.

Tennis balls were an essential part of Gabby's life. She loved chasing them, carrying them, and finding them. She would catch the ball in mid-air. She knew exactly how far I could throw, and was ready to catch the ball, wherever it arrived. I could never trick her. If another person threw the ball, a few tosses later, she had them figured out. She had tennis ball radar. She would drop tennis balls to anyone, anywhere, to throw for her. Less than a month before she died, she found a tennis ball in the park and plopped it in front of a walker. The man was leery about throwing a ball for such an old dog, but she was so insistent, he really had no choice. They both had a great time!

Like a good Labrador, Gabby was obsessed with water. No matter the temperature, she loved swimming, splashing, and above all, making bubbles. She discovered that if she pawed the water in a stream, pond or puddle, bubbles would appear. Then she would bite the bubbles, thus making more bubbles, It was never ending fun. Her joy always made me smile. And the combination of swimming, splashing and eating bubbles at once; heavenly! More than once, I was asked if she was ok. There was so much thrashing, it must have looked like she was drowning.

In her later years Gabby did slow down, but she took on duties as the matriarch. I adopted two cats and a young male Labrador and they adored her. Gabby was the sun to their planets. She was an extremely calm and nurturing presence. And above all, she was in control. Gabby could communicate all with the movement of her eyes. It was so subtle that it took some detective work to figure how she did it. She would look out of the corner of her eye and voila, everyone knew what she wanted, or more likely, didn't want.

Gabby lived just shy of fifteen years. She positively effected everyone that she met. Walking in the park at the same time each day, we would often meet a father and his two young sons. Today, the baby saw me and then immediately looked behind me, searching for Gabby. He pointed to where she would have been. I was amazed. She even made an impression on someone too young to talk.

Walking defined our days. For thirteen years, we walked at least twice a day, everyday, no matter what. And, since I began this tribute with lyrics, it's appropriate that I end with John Prine.

Yeah I knew love Love knew me
And when I walked Love walked with me
And I got no hate And I got no pride
Well I got so much love That I cannot hide